Do you have a concept for a company or an existing product you want to take to market? TNG Strategies and Investments (S&I) can help. We focus on creating a cultural process and function for your business. Growth and success will build viability and destroy negative output. Through our core risk management strategy, TNG S&I provides diverse solutions to clients from various industries. We consult with all organizations – from early startups to enterprise-level clients – and assist them in shaping their concepts and go to market campaigns with a focus on brand and ethos.


Business is complicated enough; TNG S&I solves problems and creates solutions. Our team explores opportunities to simplify your objectives and management policies with profitability as a goal. We understand that organizations and products often get railroaded by investors, private equity, and venture capitalists. We can help you identify market differentiators and approaches needed to grow your product or brand.

Organizations, especially those early in their life or companies with a “first-mover advantage,” often operate in hostile territory. We help your staff dig in the trenches and understand how to grow while in a conflict of growth itself. Business is not much different than combat. You must clear a path, build a foundation, and hold your ground. Your corporate culture and products will determine longevity.


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